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It’s been a minute….

Not had a lot to gripe about this week as the country is returning to a beautiful shade of Red again.  And now the B.O. is trying to act like we are all just friends.

That Health Care bill needs to be killed before our economy is mortally wounded by it. I don’t want to learn Chinese or Russian.

And now someone is launching missles off California’s door step. Well that’s what happens when you neuter the armed forces.

Das vidonya?

The fall colors

It’s Thursday, and the world is a generally more reddish place.  Tuesday a message was sent to DC that Liberal Socialist politics will not be tolerated. It feels good to know the mast is swinging right to fly our colors overhead instead of being so far left its nearly dipping in the water. Where the liberals had complete control of the political machine for the past two years, they now have to deal with the populous. Before they could pass laws regardless of what the people had to say. And they did at a staggering pace.

I suspect we will spend the next decade trying to dig out of the hole this past two years has given us.

The Fruit stand

That’s what I call it. Partly because of the people (drones?) that are in it, and partly because of the chaos the drones cause. Then there is the name itself, but we’ll get to that.

In the world of electronics, new is king. Well, new and GOOD is king.  And they made a good one, but they’ve always made good ones. The first portable computer, I distinctly remember the commercials.  The people were smart, beautiful and cutting edge. Hmmm…how times have changed.

Now the Apple store sells really good stuff to mindless dim witted drones. They are the liberals of electronica. They want to be part of the collective even though they profess their individuality. They want to appear sharper and more in tune with the bleeding edge even though they can do little more then push the single button on the front. They simply surround themselves in a heavy down blanket of self denial purchased for $199 and join the club of enablers through which they derive their meager self confidence. Another example of the sign of this generations times.
I happen to like the devices, I just can’t bear to let anyone actually know that. So please, keep it to yourself?

Can I add a pic in here?


Having never explored the WordPress Android app…I am curious.

My greatest fear

I have always been someone who sees success in what is accomplished in life. That, in our society, is measured in monetary terms…

But I don’t really care about money itself. It has no appeal to me. However I do want *things*.  I want things that can help frame the world for me. Help me explore and understand it better. But alas, I feel trapped…

Success has trapped me. I work all the time to attain something I don’t really care about. I do care very much about my family. And work gives them freedom. So I keep working.

I spend nearly all my spare time running away from my life in my mind, in dreams. I dream of endless roads, empty, with the world unfolding in front of me at the crest of every hill. The sun bright, sharp, illuminating the road. Riding on and on. A search for my voice I suppose. The noise is now louder than my voice.

I feel like I am drowning in what I looked so hard for, and found. Will I see all I need to see before I die, if I am trapped now?  I fear I have the wrong priorities, for me. Trapped for sure.


Getting my gear sorted out for the trip. Ordered a HiViz Olympia AST jacket and looking for boots and waterproof pants.

If you have any recommendations lemme know.

The planning starts…

My buddy and I have decided to do it; take a week long trip on our motorcycles.  Camping half the time.  We are looking at late March time frame.

Appalachian trail is looking promising.

Starting anew

Seems I bounce around a lot. It’s always been a trait of mine in the digital realm. Odd since I will buy 3 of the same pants and be perfectly happy in there uniformity. But in this world, well, I suppose its just too hard to ignore the next new thing. So I bounce around. I’ve had piecemeal blows here and there. But this one, I hope, is going to be my 3 pair of pants blog and I will keep coming back to it again and again.

Let’s see.